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I am a member of the Hill Head Sailing Club, located in the Solent just along from Leigh-on-Solent.

Towards the end of 2006, I purchased a Jacqueline dinghy - which was in a bit of a sorry state...

My fully restored clinker built Jacqueline 'Silver Fern' [sail number 10] is pictured above, with some of the images from before her resoration - a few more below are 'after' pictures.

Approximately 300 hours were spent stripping her down, repairing the splits in the hull (due to the launching trolley being too long and pushing the bilge rails in and creating 18" splits in both side of the hull), replacing 7 oak timbers (often mistakenly called 'ribs'), adding a strengthening bulk head, then varnishing and painting the hull.

All the fittings were replaced - all blocks are now Harken - a self-bailer was fitted, and this years new addition - a self-tacking jib (based on the type used on my radio controlled 1 Meter yacht).