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My interests are many and varied, but I have put a few of them here for now.

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Kite surfing      I'm a definite novice at this, but will be getting better!

Sailing      I joined Hill Head Sailing Club towards the end of 2006, and much of the 2006/2007 winter was spent restoring a 50 year old wooden clinker sailing dinghy, called a Jacqueline.

Diving      Are you starting to see a pattern yet? Did qualify as a PADI instructor, but have more fun pleasure diving in warmer climes.

Keeping Fit      With my loss of weight I'm getting into going to the gym at lunch times, cycling and running - I know, not "me" at all!

Radio Controlled Sailing Yachts      I have two 1 Meter class RC Yachts; a Bantock designed Jazz, which I built from a kit supplied by him; and one I made from scratch, based on a hull plan I found on the Internet.